28.08.2023 to 08.09.2023

The project with a binary exposition form reflects on two thoughts: a backlash as a non-sensual repetition — “Repetition” and a backlash as a tiny space to store one’s statement — “Diversity”. The first part of this project took its place in a former industrial institution and articulated the idea of producing the same actions, patterns of one movement in a very same way so the system that created the need of this repetitions is now not manufacturing the useful work as a result. While the first part is freely criticising present state of the world, the second one that was organised in Agency. Art Ru may be read as a positive explanation and even justification of problems that we as a society face nowadays. The main though of the part “Diversity” is to claim that the backlash, the gap which may be perceived as a safe room to form the statement is not actually that friendly and in fact is existing only because of the presence of invasive patterns and destructive processes.

Vika Ros
Tanya Kovalevich
Masha Lapina
Rolan Kurapov
Kirill Popov
Lana Morozova
Nayana Novikova
Tasha Bonapartova

Curator: Elizaveta Im

Exhibition of the students of The Rodchenko Multimedia&Photography Art School