About us

Since the opening, Agency. Art Ru has held more than a hundred exhibitions - from expositions held in the classical way to bold multi-disciplinary experiments at the junction of painting, installation, video art and performance.

The Agency works with a group of artists, both established authors which are already the classics of Russian contemporary art, and also young promising names. Among them there are Marina Kastalskaya, Natalia Sitnikova, Boris Markovnikov, Zhenya Mironov, Tatyana Podmarkova, Dmitry Kawarga, Pavel Otdelnov, Andrei Khlobystin, Dmitry Shabalin, and other artists working both in Russia and abroad. The Agency also pays attention to the work with the art of nonconformists: Vladimir Yakovlev, Evgeny Rukhin, Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, and others.

Works of the Agency's artists are included in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, the State Russian Museum, MMOMA, the New York Museum of Modern Art and other collections. Some projects of the Agency are implemented with the participation of invited curators. This approach ensures the variability of creative solutions. Also, the Agency regularly cooperates with museums, galleries and other most important representatives of the art community.


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