About us

“Agency. Art Ru” is an organization with extensive activities in the sphere of contemporary art. 

Projects of the Agency vary considerably in subjects, main concepts and target audience. Projects are usually implemented through participation of invited curators that ensures variability of creative decisions. By now the Agency has realized over 100 exhibition projects among which participants there were the most recognized figures of either Russian or foreign modern art: (Anton Olshvang, Eugeny Gorokhovsky Grigory Mayofis, Marina Kastalskaya, Natalia Sitnikova, Dmitry Gutov, Egor Koshelev, Mikhail Kulakov, Dmitry Kavarga, Konstantin Zvesdochetov etc. The Agency also cooperates on regular basis with museums, galleries and other most prominent entities of the art community.

The key difference of our Agency from other art institutions is that we represent our clients throughout the whole process from the initial choice of an art object till the settlement of legal formalities and transportation.


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