17.03.2023 to 28.04.2023

The exposition articulates the collective experience of building a completely new environment for living when the one you lived in is not yours anymore, not welcoming, not the same. The loss of your habitat is a cultural and social phenomena. Being often described via the metaphor of “roots” or “ground’ the term also refers to the natural principle. So that the motive of oppressive relocation, “repotting’ alludes to the image of traveller, exile who changes cities, countries, means of transport to find a new place to renown it and to be rooted again. With this in mind artists have moved towards the answer to the questions: if the territory of surviving and making art still exists? Where is it and which qualities does it have?

In the context of this kind of contemplation the picture of the world appears. Should an artist become the citizen of the world? Can they? Especially in the position of recreating new structures, connections and communities because of the deprivation of previous ones. Forming a fully new space for life id a magistral thought of the project with the basis in thinking of returning the subjectless to the author and the opportunity of free artistic expression.

Artist list: soviet nonconformists: Kabakov Iliya, Roginsky Mikhail, Grisha Bruskin, art group "Collective action", and contemporary artists: Dima Filippov, Paperno Aleksandra, Gronsky Aleksander, Baronina Ludmila, Glazoun Alina, Shutov Sergey, Otdelnov, Sakin Roman.