Alina Glazoun at Agency.ArtRu Cosmoscow22
Gronsky Aleksander booth Agency.ArtRu Cosmoscow22
14.09.2022 to 17.09.2022

In Cosmoscow-2022 our exposition presents works with the focus on rethinking a visual aspect of an art work via the text. Alina Glazun in her objects plays with textual — the word does not serve its function, viewer is welcomed to be focused on the form by nullifying the experience of cognition. At the same moment documentary photographs of Alexander Gronsky talk about the answer to the question “What language is the space talking to the person that lives in it?”. Sergey Shutov in his graphic works articulates the problematic of book titles. The name of the book is not only the addition to the plot, but a very valuable independent particle that is not needed to be extended.

Artists we represent this year: Alina Glazoun, Alexander Gronsky, Sergey Shutov and Platon Infante.