Natalia Pivko

"UFO stealing the maggot " 47х30см, acrylic on canvas, rubber, 2023
"Rabbit and aliens" 70x100cm 2024
"White swan" from Jampils horrors series, 20х30см, acrylic, canvas,2023
"Argus security camera", 53x43cm, acrylic/canvas/rubber, 2023
"Sacred heart of summer" 47х30см, acrylic on canvas, rubber, 2024
"Homeless robot" 60x40/60x80cm acrylic/canvas/rubber objects 2024
"Homeless robot" 60x40/60x80cm acrylic/canvas/rubber objects 2024
"Homeless robot" 60x40/60x80cm acrylic/canvas/rubber objects 2024
"Moth" 42x32cm Pivko feat Prasolov
Carpet with aliens battle scene 70x500cm
"Spiteful poodle" 47х30см, acrylic on canvas, rubber, 2023
"The hare and UFO" 40x60cm acrylic canvas 2024
"battle of insects and aliens" 70x100cm 21-24 edition10
“reptilians discussing the first wave of coronavirus” 140x100cm 2022
"Moth" 24x17cm, Pivko feat Prasolov

Natalia Pivko is an established artist, currently lives and works in Riga, Latvia. Studied painting at the Art School Nicolas Roerich in St.Petersburg and book illustration&design at the Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of art and design. Worked as an illustrator and art director at Volga Volga Brand Identity as well as at Pomellodesign, St.Petersburg. Since 2012 is working as an independent artist. Her practice involves different media: digital graphics, painting, objects, installation. Pivko is inspired by Flemish painting, fashion, book illustrations, medical atlases, apocalyptic and conspiracy theories. Drawing from the symbolism of Flemish and Victorian fairy-tale painting, the artist creates contemporary mystery where reptiles and aliens control the world.

Selected exhibitions:

2023 Field of Vision, Zuzeum Art Centre, Riga, Latvia

2023 Art in the time of cholera, Pornbach, Germany

2021 Collector’s choise, State museum of decorative arts, Moscow

2019 (Re)Creatio , AgencyArtRu, Moscow, Russia

2018 Anatomy Of The Fairy Tales, Pornbach Contemporary, Pornbach, Germany

2018 Collector's Office, Maxim Boxer Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 Lingua Universale, Sevkabel, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 La Vita, Fiaba, Villa Gaia, Seggiano, Toscany, Italy

2017  Metamorphoses/Pornbach Contemporary Festival, Pornbach, Germany

2016  Russian Contemporary. Drawing. No Limits. Savina Gallery/Pushkin House, London

2016 First Crew, Savina Gallery/Bezdelniki, St.Peterburg,Russia

2015 LES. ArtReflex Gallery, St.Peterburg,Russia

2015 Kosmos Seven, Pornbach Contemporary Festival, Pornbach, Germany


Collections: Zuzeum Art Centre, Riga, Latvia, private collections in USA, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia and Russia.