Natalia Pivko

"Wishing for this year 2020-2023 to end sooner", 50x80cm, 2023.
"Phoenix", 47х30см, 2023
"Carpet with a swan", 20х30см, 2023

Natalia Pivko is a Ukrainian-born artist. Studied painting at the Art School Nicolas Roerich in St.Petersburg and at the National Academy in St.Petersburg (State Art and Industry Academy) focusing in book design and illustration. Worked as an illustrator and art director at Volga Volga Brand Identity as well as at Pomellodesign, St.Petersburg. Since 2012 is working as an independent artist.   Exibitions: 2023 Field of Vision, Zuzeum Art Centre, Riga, Latvia 2021 Group exhibition, Collector’s choise, Decorative art Museum, Moscow 2018 Anatomy Of The Fairy Tales, Pornbach Contemporary, Pornbach, Germany 2018 Collector's Office, Maxim Boxer Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2018 Lingua Universale, Sevkabel, St. Petersburg, Russia 2018 La Vita, Fiaba, Villa Gaia, Seggiano, Toscany, Italy 2017  Metamorphoses/Pornbach Contemporary Festival, Pornbach, Germany 2016  Russian Contemporary. Drawing. No Limits. Savina Gallery/Pushkin House, London 2016 First Crew, Savina Gallery/Bezdelniki, St.Peterburg,Russia 2015 LES. ArtReflex Gallery, St.Peterburg,Russia 2015 Kosmos Seven, Pornbach Contemporary Festival, Pornbach, Germany