Alexander Gronsky

"Something going on here" series, 60х45 cm., photography, 2022
"Something going on here" series,  60х45 cm., photography, 2022
Edge. In a private collection
"Something going on here" series,  60х45 cm., photography, 2022
"Less Than One" series,  60х45 cm., photography, 2006-08

Born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1980, Alexander Gronsky currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia. His photographic practice focuses on landscapes. Abandoned and quiet, they offer a reflection on the impact of the environment on local populations.
For his series Less Than One (2006-2009), the photographer travelled to Russia’s most isolated regions, where the population density does not surpass one inhabitant per square kilometer. He continues on the same path with The Edge (2008-2009), a documentary essay documenting Moscow enveloped in snow. These wide and hostile expanses are the theater of stories without drama, those of isolated and silent lives. The solemn atmosphere of Gronsky’s universe leaves room only for solitude and meditation.

After receiving the Foam Paul Huf prize in 2010 for The Edge, Alexander Gronsky expanded his horizons, travelling to the edges of China’s megacities: Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shenzen, where the restless atmosphere creates a disorder nearing chaos. Mountains & Waters (2011) is a series of large-format diptychs in which the photographer applied a Chinese conception of landscape: an intellectual approach rather than a descriptive one.

Pastoral (2008-2012), Gronsky’s magnum opus of Russian landscapes was awarded the Aperture Portfolio Prize in 2009. He also received the 3rd prize of the 2012 World Press Photo competition in the « Everyday Life » category. For this series, the photographer returned to Moscow’s suburbs to explore it’s urban fringes and abandoned terrains. 

Schema (2014-2016) is the artist’s latest project, which is made up of a series of diptychs realized in collaboration with his partner, the photographer Ksenia Babushkina. Its first chapter was published in the spring of 2016 and the second was published in the winter of 2017/

Solo exhibitions

2020 Repetition, KVOST, Berlin

2019 Repetition, Polka Galerie, Paris

2018 Schema, ISSP Gallery, Riga

2017 Schema, Polka Galerie, Paris

2015 Reconstruction, Wapping Project, London

2014 Pastoral, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo

2013 Pastoral, Polka Gallery, Paris

2012 Mountains and Waters, Polka Gallery, Paris

2011 Pastoral, Gallery, Moscow

2010 The Edge, Aperture Foundation, New York 

2010 Alexander Gronsky, FOAM Museum, Amsterdam 

2009 The Edge, Gallery, Moscow

2008 Background, Gallery, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions

2023- No man's land, Agency.ArtRu, Moscow
2022- Cosmoscow, booth Agency.ArtRu, Moscow

2018 New Landscape, Yeltsin Center, Ekaterinburg

2014 Close and Far, Calvert 22, London

2014 Act/Reenact, Polka Gallery, Paris

2013 Love of Space, 10th Krasnoyarsk Biennale, Russia

2012 Sense of Place, BOZAR, Brussels

2012 Contemporary Russian Photography, FotoFest Biennial, Houston, USA

2011 Crossroads, Australian Centre for Photography, Sidney

2011 Fotografica, Bogota, Colombia

Awards and Residencies

2015 Flaneur Art Residency, Lodz, Poland

2014 European Eyes on Japan residency, Kochi, Japan

2012 World Press Photo

2011 Prix Photographique Ville de Levallois-Epson

2010 Kempinski Artist Fellowship

2010 Foam Paul Huf Award, Foam Museum, Amsterdam

2009 Silver Camera Grand Prix, Moscow

2009 Aperture Portfolio Prize, Aperture Foundation, New York

2008 Linhof Young Photographer Award

2008 City of Dusseldorf art residency