Sergey Shutov

The explotion, 100x120 cm, mixed media, 2007
A small science, 150x200 cm, mixed media, 1992 in private collection
I dont know, 100x150 cm, mixed media, 1989
UFO, 150x100 cm, mixed media, 2004
The arm, 50x40 cm, mixed media, 2007
The plane, 50x60 cm, mixed media, 2010
The snowman III, D-40 cm, mixed media, 2018
The snowman IV, D-40 cm, mixed media, 2018

Sergey Shutov (b. 1955) is a contemporary Russian artist, based in Moscow.

He participated in group shows since 1978. Together with Arkady Slavarosov (Guru) he wrote “Canon”, the famous manifest of Moscow hippie community. In 1986 the artist organized his first personal show “In memory of Daniil Kharms” in the State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovski (Moscow) and took part in the famous 17th Youth exhibition where he was recognized as an emerging “new wave” artist. In 1987 Sergey Shutov was an actor and the artist of Sergey Solovyov’s film ASSA, which became a cult film of Perestroyka era thanks to underground rock musician and non-official artists participation. In 1988 Sergey Shutov’s art works were presented at the first Sotheby’s auction in Moscow and after he was invited to make personal shows in Paris, Glasgow, New York. He also was represented at the most important non-official art exhibitions in Europe and USA.

In the end of 1980’s he worked on the crossroads of painting, music, performance, video and new media: he participated in Pop Mechanika performances (1986), recorded 1988 disc, was contributing author and design of the Pirate TV (1989-1992). In 1992 he made the first Russian multi-media art installation “Sensual Experiences”. The same year he founded the Institute of Art Technologies and organized the first Russian video art exhibition “Dablucity” (1993). Since 1994 he directed the practical trainings in the Moscow Laboratory of new media and worked as DJ and presenter of Shutov Assembly program on radio Station (the title of the program comes from Brian Eno album, dedicated to Sergey Shutov). He also was the first Russian VJ in the legendary night club PTYUCH.

In 2000’s he created a number of large-scale installations including ABACUS in the Russian pavilion of the 49. Venice Biennale (2001), Rug / Hydrangea (2003), Apokatastasis Now (2006). In 2015 he made his biggest painting “Nesterov’s Loop” in Nizhny Novgorod. He lives and works in Moscow.


Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany
Museo d’Arte Trento e Rovereto (MART), Rovereto, Italy
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow
Other Art Museum, Moscow
Art4Ru Museum, Moscow
New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
Chronolux, Moscow
Lufthansa, Germany
Federation of the Migros Cooperatives, Switzerland
Microinform company, Moscow
Metafuturism foundation, Moscow
Alberto Sandretti Foundation
And other corporative and private collections in UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, France