Alina Glazoun

In a private collection
Без названия, смеш. тех., 2023
В частной коллекции
In a private collection
Без названия, смеш. тех., 2022
Без названия, смеш. тех., 2022
Без названия, смеш. тех., 2020

Alina Glazoun born in 1988 in Kirovograd (Ukraine). She entered Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow) and Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow).
Alina Glazoun reseach is focused on how the latest forms of communication influence on world perception and culture. Development of internet communication, smartphones, messaging, formed the basis of the transition from text to visuality, in Alina Glazun objects this transition takes psychedelic forms of landscapes or still life’s  on a velvet background with concetrated texts.
The artist creates installations and sculptures, works with found objects and ready-mades. Images of animals and plants, multilayering of styles and techniques , references to art history - characteristic features of Alina Glazun 's creativity.

Solo exhibitions:
2021 Seu Plures Hiemes, Myth gallery, St. Petersburg

2019 Little bird sings about love and death, Masters Bookstore, Passage, St. Petersburg
2019 Everybody will die, but I am emerald, Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow
2018 Wow, coat gallery, Vienna
2018 Glitters and Enough, Marina Alvitr Gallery, Yekaterinburg
2018 Verstecken und Suchen, Arina Kovner Foundation, Zurich
2018 Expectation/reality (together with I. Simonov), Triangle gallery, Vinzavod, Moscow
2018 If you close your eyes, it may disappear (with M. Kiryusha), the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow
2017 Parade, coat gallery, Moscow
2017 ABC Homeopathy (together with O. Matrohyn), CTI Fabrika, Moscow
2010 Remote light source/artist toys (together with A. Zhuravlev), CCI Factory, Moscow

Group exhibitions:

2020 Cosmoscow, Booth Agency. Art Ru, Moscow
2020 The Russian Fairy Tale/ From Vasnetsov to the Present. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2020 Slipping line, Cube Moscow, Moscow
2019 Re(Creatio), Agency. Art Ru, Moscow

2019 Cosmoscow, Booth Agency. Art Ru, Moscow
2019 May a Lucky Star Shine Upon You, GUM-Red-Line, Moscow
2019 Offline/Online, CC Gromov, St. Petersburg
2019 New materialism: from instrument to sculpture, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2019 And what if…, Archstoyanie festival, Nikola-Lenivets
2019 Look above, the sky is falling, MYTH Gallery, St. Petersburg
2019 Random dream Generator, New Wing of Gogol’s house, Moscow
2019 Russian Witches, Centrepoint, Basel
2019 AZOT x betweenwindows, Azot Gallery, Moscow
2018 VIII International Tashkent Biennal of contemporary art, Tashkent
2018 Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow
2018 Conservation, Maxim Boxer Gallery, Moscow
2018 Fathers and children, New wing of Gogol house, Moscow
2018 New fun, gallery Triangle, Winzavod, Moscow
2018 On the waves, Sevastopol
2018 Simple figures, VIII International Tashkent Biennale of contemporary art, Tashkent
2018 Nowhere Further, high-Rise on Kotelnicheskaya, Moscow
2018 Voluntary self-control. 18+/-, Moscow Museum, Moscow
2018 Form Festival, Tryokhgornaya Manufaktura, Moscow
2018 Rejection, Moscow Biennale of Young art, gallery of Maxim Boxer, Moscow
2018 Paradoxical hybrids, Center for contemporary art Hlebozavod, Vladivostok
2017 Kotovstryaska, Cosmoscow, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
2016 Raw magic, We Gallery, Moscow
2016 Small School, the Association of exhibition halls of Moscow, Moscow
2011 Moscow International Biennale of contemporary art, Artplay Design Center, Moscow
2010 Moscow International Biennale of young art 2010, Moscow

Works are in the collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art, V. Smirnov and K. Sorokin Foundation, AksenovFamily Foundation, Arina Kowner Foundation, and also in private Russian and European collections