We’ll never be as young as we are tonight

01.08.2014 to 10.08.2014
Ozerkovskaya Embankment, 26.

Children are undoubtedly our future, but not because one day they will grow up and change the world. No. Children are the future because society becomes more and more infantile with each passing year. Childhood is now a prototype of the future.

Striving to find our inner child is how most of us react to a fear of the future; that is, peoplewish to go to a place where they are not responsible for what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, children only know how to live either “here and now” or in daydreams, which can be different each day and can become their whole world. Only in childhood do the daydreams of having a super power and eating a happy meal have equal realistic hold and desirability.

When we get older, we format our dreams to the conventionally accepted norms, and squeeze them into the framework of our experience and knowledge. Then we regress to childhood to create our lifestyle out of our dreams, but we had already forgotten how to dream with our hearts and souls.

Creating a childish, naive atmosphere and reviewing situations familiar to a child’s eye, the artist brings the spectator back to a time when he had the right to create his own limitless reality.

*Chuck Palahniuk, Rant, 2007