Susanin. Zarazum!

Персональная выставка Андрея Хлобыстина
22.02.2013 to 31.03.2013

Andrey Khlobystin’s.“Susanin. Zarazum!”

It is a mutual project of “Agency.Art ru” (Moscow) and “Kremlin Gallery” (St. Petersburg).


Andrey Khlobystin started his creative career in the famous St. Petersburg art group “New Artists”. The 80s were a hilarious time for those who was waiting for change, joked out values of the dying Soviet political regime, loved “The Kino” band and the movie “Assa”.

Andrey Khlobystin’s project stands out from contemporary Russia’s art scene trends because of original features of St. Petersburg “new” wave in creative activity – pertness, audacity, humor and total neglect of established conventions. Young licensed hooligans can envy his militant ardor, which gives second breath to Russian post-modernism.

Ivan Susanin’s theme was chosen not accidentally: this year is a 400 years anniversary of his remarkable deed. From 1991 Andrey Khlobystin published a unique newspaper that was named “Susanin” as well. A national hero is supposed to be art there, and the crucial question is if it leads us to salvation or to ruination.

“Zarazum!” (ForMind!) is a motto using which “Agency. Art Ru” will arrange an exhibition of art magazine covers in future. Through Soviet magazines like “The Ogoniok”, “Technics for the Youth”,”The Krokodil” we make a futuristic forecast.

Some people may call Khlobystin’s printed patterns of future predictable; the others may think they are unlikely. Perhaps, some would like to arrange sweepstakes and make bets: if it is possible that Vladislav Mamishev-Monro is made a minister of culture or that Georgiy Guryanov’s ballet “Victor Tsoy” is staged, like on one of Khlobystin’s paintings “Art and Theatre” (now exhibited by The Tretyakov Gallery).

This project is worth praise not only for the idea and for the plastic performance, but also for the artistic drive and (important as well) for ease and lightness that all successful projects use to have.

If your eyes require the changes, this exhibition is the one you actually must visit!