So, what it is that makes us so special and so attractive?

08.06.2012 to 10.07.2012


  • Apollinaria Broshe
  • Tatyana Drob
  • Dmitry Kavko
  • Tatyana Peniker
  • Maria Pokrovskaya
  • Maxim Santalov
  • Protey Temen
  • Sasha Frolova

Curators: Anastasia Volkova, Tatyana Drob

This project is a curator’s subjective view on the reality around us, the view that relies on the concept of positive thinking with preposition “how?”, easy and optimistic attitude to everything that is happening and confidence in progressive force of the modern art that changes the world for the better. After the curators, the exhibition artists also find multicultural reality of today very attractive…

“Crazy Post-Post-Modernism of the reality” (that is how the curators of the project tenderly dubbed our time), where thunderstorms of neo-neo-pop-art and “new consumerism” have subsided, where new industrial culture has already made its presence felt in its full splendor, there is some sentiment of satiety, tiredness of ostentatious object emphasis, and of excessive conceptual focus of art-projects. As an alternative to “sophisticated depressiveness” of modern time DOCUMENTA, young artists see carelessness of popular genre, that literality of a story that was found by pop-art masters. Ideologically denying implicit purports, they make visible images the only ones that matter, insisting on exploring some supreme “beauty” as eternal super-objective of the art”.

Alexandra Danilova