Exhibition of young painters of PRO ARTE Foundation supported by Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, “Agency Art-Ru”
14.07.2012 to 07.08.2012


  • Anna Andrzhievskaya
  • Tatiana Akhmetgalieva
  • Stas Baggs
  • Brother Paul
  • Marina Vinnik
  • Diana Vishnevskaya
  • Ilya Grishaev
  • Polina Dubchinskaya
  • Vadim’s Commissars
  • Sergei Krylov
  • Eugene Machneva
  • Semen Motolyanets
  • Peter Pavlensky
  • Anastasia Pawlicki
  • Xenia Pasyura
  • Catherine Povarenkin
  • Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva
  • Ivan Aces
  • Anna Ustrehova

Curator: Anna Buyvid

Coordinator: Jan Klichuk

July 13, as a part of the 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, the extra site of “Agency Art-Ru” hosts the exhibition of young painters “OCCULUS TWO”.

It will present an installation, video, collage and an object.

Participants of the project are painters from St. Petersburg, who felt too confined by the boundaries of academic artistic education, so they decided to go further. Today they are united by specific experience gained in the process of training at PRO ARTE Foundation: a programme for young painters available in St. Petersburg for over 10 years that targets authors who work with relevant art forms. OCULUS TWO project for the first time exhibits works of the programme alumni and current students. Despite different backgrounds, all the artists are within the uniform system of coordinates.

OCULUS TWO is the project about uniqueness of artistic vision. A painter takes his perception as a reference point, so adjusting viewing angle affects artist’s perception of the world. Addressing this reference point is not a pompous, old-fashioned trick where “every artist sees in his own way”. It’s a roll out of a contour map, on which each and every author’s position is unique in the first place topographically, what creates different viewing angles and makes it possible to integrate messages of the project participants. Each OCULUS TWO artist allows tracing the trajectory of his view and focusing on the object under observation.

Organizers of the exhibition: PRO ARTE St. Petersburg Charity Foundation of Culture and Art, St. Petersburg branch of State Center of Modern Art, “Agency. Art.Ru”.