12.04.2019 to 22.05.2019

The subject of the exhibition, which will be held in the space of the Agency.  Art Ru, will be the understanding of the place of man in the universe in an era of rapid transformation and diversification of technologies – bio -, eco-, nano - and others. The authors, whose works will be presented at the exhibition, reflect on how the human individual is forced to include his own presence in a world where has already been a convergence of different forms of life, including extraterrestrial, dangerous and unexplored. This necessity of adaptation correlates with the themes of mimicry in the environment, the artificial creation of a new human in the spirit of eugenics, or the territory expansion far beyond the Earth.

The future, which seems to be a utopian "brave new world", threatens at any moment to turn into a dystopia, where the achievements of science turn into destructive consequences and force a person to be an eternal  Explorer and colonist of outer space, a fugitive from the supernatural, but a real threat. Leading meaning in the works of authors of the project – the environmental, the humanistic and scientistic; the theme of overcoming the chaos revealed in the spirit of rethinking futurism of the previous decades and thoughts about the future in the context of present time.

Artists: Marina Kastalskaya, Piotr Belenok, Andrey Khlobystin, Dmitry Shabalin, Denis Prasolov, Ivan Plyush, Oleg Vasiliev, Sergey Shutov, Alexander Pankin and Alexandra Paperno.