Gleb Gavrilenkov

Глеб Гавриленков. Nature of perception №70. 2013. 75х100. Холст, масло_1
Глеб Гавриленков. Nature of perception №3. 2013. 160х105. Холст, масло_1
Природа восприятия. 74х106. Холст, масло
Из серии "Проявления". 70х100. Холст, масло
Из серии "Проявления". 70х100. Холст, масло

1982 Born in Leningrad, USSR

1996 While studying in boarding school, attends art class and takes part in his first show at King Edwards School, Surrey, United Kingdom

1997 Starts painting graffiti together with a group of street artists in Saint Petersburg

2000 Joins a team of contemporary designers, creates concepts for new nightclubs, restaurants, bars

2004 After Studying economics at State University decides to make painting his lifelong study and work. Travels a lot.

Makes series of abstract photographs with vintage LOMO cameras exploring play of light and visual perception systems. Works in different medias and in different genres: painting, photographs, graffiti, produces conceptual objects

2006 Bases a studio in Saint Petersburg.

Starts painting with oil paints and concentrates on ideas of abstract expressionism. Attends diffrent artists studios studying abstract painting techniques.

Works on abstract paintings studying visual perception of space.

2008 Group show “Air” at Loft Project Etage. Saint Petersburg .

2009 Participates in a group show “Spaces of silence” at the Red Textile Art Loft with abstract works from “Simpliest Spaces” series. Curator Anastasia Shavlokhova.

2010 Participates in a group show of abstract oil paintings at Mocher Art Gallery, based in Paris.

2011 Show in Italy, Rome – Private collection . Series of large scale 70′ abstract oil paintings from series “Language of the universe and our perception”

2012 . Private Show in Georgia, Tbilisi (10 abstract pieces from Private collection). Takes part at Miami Basel art fair.

Charity Master Class with actor Artur Vaha

2013 Represented at L.A. art fair by Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Anjeles.

Group Show and performance at ERARTA museum Project Kresti (Crosses) Saint-Petersburg.

Solo show of paintings «Light.Debris.» in Saint-Petersburg

Takes part in «Art Space Event » , Moscow

Participates in IV International Biennale «New Ideas for City: Garden-city, Green Urbanism» held iat State Museum of City Sculpture, Saint Petersburg

Solo show at Tallin Star weekend “Nature of perception”

Solo show “Save the Colour” at Agency Gallery, Moscow. Curator Pavel Pepperstein

2014 Group show “Goldgi complex” at Formula Gallery, Loft Project Etage , Saint-Petersburg. Curator Irena Kuksenayte


2014- Vladey, Moscow (
2015- Vladey, Moscow

Gleb’s paintings are in private collections in Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Georgia, China, U.S.A.