Evgeny Gorokhovsky

Е. Гороховский. Когда движение достигает крайней точки, наступает покой... 2009. Холст, масло. 105х144_1
Е. Гороховский. Знаю судьбу, потому не печалюсь…. 2007. Холст, масло. 90х70_1
Е. Гороховский. Между Ничто и Вечностью. 2009. Холст, масло. 95,5х120_1
Е. Гороховский. Чем дальше продвигаешься, тем больше жизнь становится твоей собственной и личной. 2008-2010. Холст, масло. 89х124_1
Уподобляясь Небу и Земле не нарушаешь единства. Холст, масло. 98 х 124 см
Небо являет образы... 80х100 см., х.м., 2007 г.

1951 – Odessa, Ukrainian SSR.

Since 1968 lives in Moscow

1968 – 1972 – Studio-School of Moscow Art Academic Theatre Since

1977 – member of Union of Artists of USSR

Lives in Moscow

Personal Exhibitions

2010 – Between Nothing and Eternity, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

2007 – Explanation to the metamorphosis, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

2005 – Sky. Clouds (with N. Kasatkin), pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

2004 – Heavenly scenes, Manezh gallery, Moscow

2001 – “50х50″, “А-3″ gallery, Moscow

2001 – Contemplation of things – phenomena, M’Ars gallery, Moscow

2000 – Intervals of experience, Manezh gallery, Moscow

1999 – Gorokhovsky and Grigoriev, Central House of Workers of Art, Moscow

1998 – A Question left unanswered, Russian Culture Fund, Moscow

1995 – Marginal space, Rama Art gallery, Moscow

1993 – Pictures of Changes, gallery on Petrovsky Boulevard, Moscow

1992 – Album, Karenina gallery, Vienna, Austria

1991 – Metapainting, Arbat gallery, Moscow

1989 – Gorokhovsky-elder, Gorokhovsky-junior, Arbat gallery, Moscow

1980 – Evgeny Gorokhovsky, Fine art gallery, Akademgorodok Novosibirsk

1964 – Gorokhovsky and Yahilevich, Children`s library of A.P.Chekhov, Moscow

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 – «VIENNAFAIR», The International Contemporary Art Fair, Vienna, Austria


  • Kuperstich-Kabinett (Dresden, Germany)
  • Kolodzei Art Foundation (Highland Park, NJ, USA)
  • Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Norton and Nancy Dodge collection, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ, USA)
  • Willa Heiss Museum of Contemporary Art (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) Museum of Cinema (Moscow)
  • State Central Theatrical Museum n. a. A.A. Bakhrushin (Moscow)
  • Russian Foundation of Culture (Moscow)
  • Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Novosibirsk)
  • Collection of Andrey Eremin (Moscow)
  • Collection of Evgeny Nutovich (Moscow)