Durasova Lyudmila

Без названия. Графика. Смеш.тех. 100х60_1
Во сне. Графика. Смеш.тех. 100х60_1
Встреча в автобусе. Графика. Смеш.тех. 100х60_1
Ловец снов. Графика. Смеш.тех. 100х60_1
Узы. Графика. Смеш.тех. 60х100_1
Что если...Принт на холсте. 42х60_1
Что, если ... Принт на холсте. 42х60_1
Сон. Графика. Холст, смеш.тех. 100х60

Graphic artist and illustrator, one of VARENYE

Born in 1987 in Krasnoyarsk

in 2001. graduated with honors from art school № 1 in Irkutsk

in 2004. school number 44 with a silver medal

in 2010. – IrGTU majoring in Graphic Design with honors.

Since 2010, a graduate student of East-Siberian State Academy of Education.

In 2011 she moved to Moscow.

In 2011, 2012. studied at the British Higher School of Design majoring in illustrator.

Student and scholar of various awards (scholarship Irkutsk region governor, winner for supporting talented youth, established by Presidential Decree, etc.)


2012. – V Festival illustrations led by Andrey Bartenev, Krasnoyarsk,

2012 – Y4Y, Agency.Art Ru, Moscow

2012. – Installation “Simulator happiness”,  ArtVoronezh, Voronezh

2012. – Go abstract, club True, Moscow

2012 – We’re in trouble installation, Forma, Garden Bauman Moscow

2012. – Exhibition in Flacon’e: Install Varenye Day Japan, street art festival MOST


2012. – Final exhibition of additional education in British Higher School of Design


2012. – Installation Varenye «Simulator happiness” in Faces & Laces’12

2012. – Contest for Young Art TERMIN CHA: 2nd place.

2011. – Participation in Sretenka Design Week – share redesign monument.

2011. – Publication of the works at the international Internet project from site illustrationserved.com   behance.com.

2011. – Participation in the collective exhibition “+1″ at the Irkutsk committee on cultural

education of youth.

2011. – Participation in the collective exhibition extreme youth “Sonchas” Irkutsk.

2010. – Showcase Glass chess books in the gallery «Dias» (lyricist: Anastasia

Spring, the author of illustrations – Durasova Lucy).

2010. – An exhibition of works in the gallery «Dias» together with A. Durasova.

2010. – Presentation of the “Provincial Design” at the exhibition “City and design: to meet

anniversary “Sibexpocenter, Irkutsk

2010. – Participation in the 5th exhibition All sorts of arts project Cult URA PROekta “100 years of Russian avant-garde”, Irkutsk

2010. – Participation in the urban youth exhibition “Natural Fuel” in Irkutsk Regional Art Museum named after VP Sukachev, Irkutsk;

2009. – International exhibition-competition “The Golden Ratio”: Korea – Russia – Germany.